“To accomplish great things we must not only act but dream,
not only plan but also believe.”

Why Performance Coaching?

Performance Coaching helps individuals at all levels of an organisation to understand their strengths and areas for improvement; gain more job satisfaction; improve performance and add value to their organisation.

The Journey

Coaching is based on a personal relationship between a client and a coach. The coach’s role is to encourage the client to understand themselves, their values and beliefs, their gifts and skills and to set themselves realistic and challenging goals. The journey towards the goal is shared by the client and the coach. The coach plays the role of the navigator while the client has responsibility for driving towards the ultimate destination.

add value to your life…

A complimentary first session

Performance Coaching can help individuals to address a variety of issues in their lives e.g current job performance, a new career path, improve key relationships in their company, influence key decision makers, improve their work-life balance or tackle any issues that the client feels will add value to their life.

In all cases we offer clients a complimentary first session in which we can assess the client’s needs and design programmes to achieve their specific objectives.

It is then the client’s decision if they want to follow our proposal and at what pace they want to progress.

One-to-one sessions can be held at our offices at Beechwood House or at the client’s work or home.

To discuss individual requirements please contact us.