“Our purpose and passion is to inspire our clients to believe in themselves,
to understand and develop their skills,
to achieve their goals and add value to their lives.”

Credo Coaching helps clients to understand their business issues, set realistic goals, identify possibilities and take the necessary action.

Business Start-ups

Entrepreneurs have great ideas but converting the idea into a successful business requires them to follow a structured business plan.

Credo Coaching works in partnership with budding entrepreneurs to draw up the critical business plan, identify the first customers, market the product or service, do a cash flow forecast and tap into expertise that can complement the skills of the new business.

Never sure if you’re doing the right thing and no one impartial to discuss it with?

Want access to the latest business thinking and help applying it to your own company?


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Small Businesses

For many Managing Directors or Small Business Owners, running a business can be a lonely experience as they tackle new challenges outside their comfort zone.

This is why more and more Business Leaders are hiring coaches to help draw out their strengths, understand the gaps in their knowledge, hold them accountable for their actions and challenge their thinking.

With a wealth of experience in all aspects of business management, Credo Coaching can work in partnership with the MD and senior team to get to the heart of the matter and quickly address the issues they face.

Inspire your team to excel with Credo Coaching.

Credo Coaching can facilitate a business team to develop its strategy, evaluate its resources, identify new products and markets, find new customers, improve client relationships, improve cash flow and profitability.

A highly performing team can tackle the most challenging assignments, turn round an ailing business, break into new markets and dramatically improve business performance.

Credo Coaching works with management teams to address issues of communications, decision making, goal setting,succession planning, Using established techniques for understanding team dynamics we can work with management teams to quickly identify areas for improvement, set achievable objectives and utilise available resources to improve performance.

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